Global Planetary Health Fellowship


The NHS is joining with 50 global partners and the World Health Organisation (WHO) to commit to Net Zero by 2045! As part of the NHS response in England, a Global Planetary Health Fellowship is being co-developed between Health Education England’s Directorate of Global Health Partnerships and NHS England’s Greener NHS team.

The Global Planetary Health Fellowship recruits NHS employees from across England, from clinical or non-clinical backgrounds, with an interest in health system strengthening focussed on planetary health and sustainability, while developing personal leadership skills and behaviours for use on return to the NHS.

How to Apply

Recruitment for Global Planetary Health Fellowships is now closed. 

To be informed of updates on all programmes, including when recruitment windows open, please email and request to be added to the mailing list.


For more information on the Global Planetary Health Fellowship, please review the IGH Programme FAQs which also apply to the Global Planetary Health Fellowship.