NHS Diaspora Fellowship: Uganda Pilot


In 2021, the Tropical Health and Education Trust (THET) published a report entitled ‘Experts in our midst,’ which recognised the opportunity for NHS staff from diaspora communities to contribute to health-systems in their country of heritage and to the UK on their return. Building on the report recommendations, HEE’s Directorate of Global Health Partnerships surveyed national diaspora groups and institutions and has designed a bespoke Fellowship for Diaspora staff in the NHS. The pilot will take place in Uganda in 2023.  

The NHS Diaspora Fellowship are looking to recruit two Fellows from the Uganda Diaspora community who currently work in the NHS across England, from clinical or non-clinical backgrounds at AfC Band 6 or above. Fellows will live in Uganda and work with the Ugandan Ministry of Health and partners on a health system strengthening project, focused on mental health and peri-natal patient pathways, while developing personal leadership skills and behaviours for use on return to the NHS.  

How to Apply

Recruitment for NHS Diaspora Fellowships is now closed. 

To be informed of updates on all programmes, including when recruitment windows open, please email global.learning@hee.nhs.uk and request to be added to the mailing list.



For more information on the NHS Diaspora Fellowship, please review the IGH Programme FAQs which also apply to the NHS Diaspora Fellowship.