External Learning and Training Opportunities

e-Learning for Healthcare

e-Learning for Healthcare in partnership with the Royal College of Midwives provides a Cultural Competence Programme. The programme supports clinicians in the NHS to gain knowledge and understanding of the issues around culture and health and how this influences healthcare outcomes.

Future Learn

Future Learn hosts a number of global health-related courses and resources.

Global Health Training Centre

The Global Health Training Centre provides short and modular courses covering a number of global health topics focused on research and implementation. The Global Health Training Centre brings together a wealth of training materials and resources from across the global health network for all your research training and continued professional development needs.

Improving Global Health Through Leadership Development

Improving Global Health (IGH) is a fellowship programme delivered by Thames Valley and Wessex Leadership Academy. The programme aims to:

. Support the delivery of sustainable improvements in health and healthcare in collaboration with our overseas partners within resource-poor settings.

. Provide an unparalleled leadership and personal development experience for fellows on the programme

To find out more about the IGH programme, please visit our IGH Programme page.

Medical Aid Films

Medical Aid Films works with global partners, creating media that shares lifesaving knowledge about women’s and children’s health.

Medical Aid Films

Understanding and Influencing Professional Healthcare Behaviour

Volunteers are often expected to provide education and training during their deployment (formal or informal). Some initiatives focus on knowledge or skill development, whilst others aim to change how people do something. Influencing behavioural change is important in understanding current practices and their drivers.

Manchester Implementation Science Collaboration

Unite for Sight

Unite for Sight is a non-profit organisation committed to excellence in global health. Unite for Sight’s Global Health University is designed to develop and nurture current and future global health leaders. Global Health University helps to effect widespread and innovative change in global health through its variety of programmes .

World Health Organisation

The World Health Organisation (WHO) provides information covering various health topics including research and public health, latest events and activities, and technical information.

Most universities offering Global Health courses also offer relevant online short courses. Please visit your local university’s website for information.